Last Mile Solutions wishes you all the best for 2018!!

What we accomplished in 2017:

  • Completed more than 2 Million charging-transactions
  • Delivered more than 18 Million kWh to electric vehicles
  • More than 45 CPO’s subscribed to our E-mobility platform
  • Successfully implemented the Gireve roaming platform
  • Sold more than 30.000 charging-station controllers
  • Additional offices in Canada and Eastern Europe

Our Goals in 2018:

  • Extend our EU-ready E-mobility platform throughout Europe
  • Obtain “Eichrecht PTB” certification for German market
  • Implement multi currency invoicing
  • Launch Bi-directional controllers IEC15118 for DC & AC chargers
  • Establish offices in France, Germany and Spain
  • Last But Not Least, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations and satisfactions with our services and products.
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