A first in Utrecht: the first city in the world with a city-wide network of public charging stations that can load and unload

The Municipality of Utrecht and LomboXnet will install at least 145 public charging stations for electric cars this year. These innovative charging stations are suitable for storing solar energy in the batteries of electric cars and delivering them back to the neighborhood. The charging stations therefore offer both the possibility to charge a car and to discharge future cars.
LomboXnet, together with partners Last Mile Solutions, Siers and ElaadNL, has developed the technology in these charging stations in recent years. These charging stations are now being installed throughout Utrecht. The Energiefonds Utrecht was asked to finance this. Robin Berg of LomboXnet explains: “The charging stations will make an important contribution to the energy transition in the future. By temporarily storing solar energy in electric cars, we can use this energy when it is needed. The charging stations are also suitable for charging at high power. This is great for electric motorists, who can charge their car quickly, but also favorable to use peaks of solar and wind energy for charging.

For the first time these innovative charging stations are placed in a large urban charging network. A new international standard for communication between charging station and car is also being applied for the first time. In the future, different car brands can communicate with the charging station about how full the battery is and when charging or discharging can take place. Utrecht has a first. Alderman Everhardt: “I am proud that Utrecht has this world premiere and thus continues to lead the way with smart energy networks. It is an important step for the large-scale storage of sustainable energy in electric cars. Electric driving contributes to cleaner air in our city and a healthier living environment and brings Utrecht closer to an emission-free zone in 2030. ”

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The municipality is expanding the number of charging stations on the basis of requests from residents with an electric car, and the intensity of the use of the existing charging stations. Residents of Utrecht who have an electric car can submit a request for one or more additional charging stations via www.030laadpaal.nl. Due to an increase in the number of electric cars, the number of charging stations will grow strongly in the coming years. It is expected that there will be about 600 to 800 public charging stations in the city by the end of 2019.


sourceĀ LomboXnet

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