Charging solutions for electric vehicles

Last Mile Solutions is a specialist in the field of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. We supply controllers for charging stations and a complete Cloud back-office system including billing, roaming with other providers, etc.. Our charging station controller and the Cloud back-office are a complete solution for manufacturers of EV charging stations, so they can focus on sales and expand their park, we ensure the optimal functionally. Our service also includes a 24/7 helpdesk for end users. Several leading parties are customers of Last Mile Solutions. The EV Cloud back-office consists of the following modules:

  • Customer management module for business and private customers.
  • RFID Card management including roaming with other providers.
  • User Portal showing usage and locations where it is charged.
  • Chargepoint management module for configuration and fault management with real-time dashboard.
  • Smart Grid module in which groups of charging points can be defined to prevent overloading the local power grid.
  • CIR module for automatic settlement with roaming partners.
  • Billing module which automatically monthly bills the customers .
  • App for end user: Charge-points can be located and are turned on and off (iOS, Android, Windows).
  • OCPP plugin for linking charging stations from other manufacturers to the back office.
  • Real time data export with POI information
  • Cloud back-office in look & Feel and logo of Provider.


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