For Traffic Service Netherlands we have developed a Cloud service to remotely monitor and control all their mobile roadwork information systems. Texts on mobile route panels are edited over the internet in real time.  The roadwork information manager can operate, plan and trace  all the equipment real time over the internet. Faults automatically reported via email and SMS, and there is a current overview of all road information vehicles available. Travel times are dynamically controlled on the basis of our developed time measurement stations which measure the flow of traffic and based on that shows the travel times on the dynamic route information panels.
For the recreational marine sector, Last Mile Solutions developed a Track & Trace and comfort system. With this system the boat-owner assured of a good vessel tracking in case of burglary and / or theft. Also other things can be monitored on board and controlled via the mobile phone, such as refrigerator and heating. The boats route is available on Google Maps . The system is certified for acceptance by insurers and linked to our monitoring and control room that is handled by Global Assistance.

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