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Travelcard - Last Mile Solutions

Full-service mobility provider

Travelcard is one of the largest mobility providers of tank- and charge cards in the Netherlands. They are also active in Belgium and Germany. The wide application and omni-use of Travelcard ensures access to e.g.; parking, car wash, maintenance, public transport, roadside assistance and track & trace. In short, everything related to transport. Charging an electric car has also been included since May 2011.

Hassle-free integration

Travelcard’s requirement to offer access to a large charge network to its customers could be fulfilled by Last Mile Solutions. Besides that, custom format Charging Detail Records (CDR’s) were developed in order to integrate EV charging hassle-free within Travelcards core business, processes and systems. Last Mile Solutions supplies the data in such a way that the systems of Travelcard can process it directly when it comes to invoicing. Finally, Travelcard also requested a Travelcard charge app, white-label developed by Last Mile Solutions, which was downloaded in thousands directly after launch.

‘’The modular solutions of Last Mile Solutions is a great way to the service that Travelcard can already offer to its customers.’’

Jan-Reint Vink - Managing Director Travelcard

Modular offer structure

The form of cooperation with Travelcard is a based on a modular offer. Although Last Mile Solutions could e.g. provide the whole billing, invoicing and collecting process of bulk amount charging transactions for its customers, this was not required in this case. The advantage of the platform of Last Mile Solutions is its modular structure where customers can choose exactly what they deem relevant for their business.


Travelcard has more than 65,000 active charge cards in use and since the start of the collaboration in June 2019, the number of charging transactions continues to increase.

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