Low-cost charger controller.

The CMEM10-32V4 is special designed for home chargers without back-office and equipped with power-cord which can be connected to the Electric vehicle. All the necessary functionality for communication and safety is incorporated in this controller. Can be set as plug & charge, or activated via switch input.

Offline Charger controller  Mode 3

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 13.13.28

  • For EV-sockets EIC61851 and IEC 62196

  • Din rail mounting enclosure

  • Detachable connectors

  • 2 power switch outputs

  • PP & CP connection

  • charging activation with logical low/high, toggle input or plug & charge

  • interfaces for lock-module VMEM1.0

  • Current rate adjustable 10-32 Amp

  • Supply Power 12-24 Vdc

Download Datasheet  CMEM10-32A-V4

Locking module VMEM1.0

For chargers with wall-socket there is the additional VMEM1.0 module for mechanical locking and unlocking of the socket.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 13.14.03

  • For EV-sockets EIC61851 and IEC 62196

  • Din rail mounting enclosure

  • Detachable connectors

  • For Mennekes and Bals servo’s

  • Releasing servo at power outage.

  • Supply Power 8-24 Vdc

Download Datasheet  VMEM1.0

EVC-Controller 2.1 Cloud

Multifunctional EV charge station controller especially designed for the European market. With this controller a complete 2 outlet charge station can been set up for “type 2” mode 3 outlets with servo lock and LED signaling. The module will be managed by the Cloud back-office using OCPP 1.5./2.0 or LMS interfacing. Load management for smart grid applications is build in the software.


EVC21EVC 2.1 Cloud-based

  • 1 EVC Module can be used for max 2 mode-3 sockets

  • 2 x connection for servo Mennekes/Bals

  • 2 x Kwh in put (2 x S0 or Mod-bus)

  • Built-in GPRS / GSM modem for back-office connection

  • GPS positioning for accurate location on map

  • CAN bus for master-slave and peripherals

  • 2 x serial connection – RFID / Barcode reader

  • Option for full color display with touch screen (via CAN)

  • 2x operation relay per channel (ie possibility for ZE-ready functionality)

  • Built-in 2x mode-3 controller for PP and CP contact

  • 2 x input voltage out (failure) detection.

  • 2x optional logical input

  • 2x optional logical output

  • temperature sensor built-in

  • Ethernet extension-board available

  • OCPP 1.2-2.0 ready

  • On off switching via RFID card / SMS / or Smartphone APP.

  • Controlled charging-current based on available capacity and ambient temperature. (charger take into account current consumption other users, convenient for home chargers and car parkings).

Download Datasheet EVC21

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