Worlds first Eichrecht awarded to Ecotap

Boxtel, 16 July 2018, The German national measuring institution (PTB) has awarded Ecotap the Baumusterprüfbescheinigung” for all Ecotap’s public charging stations. This certificate makes Ecotap the first manufacturer of charging stations for Electric Vehicles in the world to be awarded the eichrecht, assuring their clients a fair, transparent and traceable charging transaction.

In cooperation with LMS (Last Mile Solutions) both hard and software have been thoroughly tested ensuring an independent charging transaction without the interference of a third party.


Accurate calibrated meters measuring volume (e.g Litres) have been present for decades in the automotive industry when the ICE was still most popular. However, a mayor shift to electric vehicles and remote digital payment, has raised the demand for an equally accurate system measuring a kWh at a charging station as there is for a litre of fuel at a gas station. It is for that reason that Ecotap and Last Mile Solutions have invested significantly to achieve this level of end to end secured energy measurement precision.

Kees van Bergen, CEO of Ecotap: “Being the first in the world to have the Baumusterprüfbescheinigung is in line with our main objective: building the best infrastructure for electric mobility in the world. It is a logical development within the charging solutions of Ecotap, allowing people the charge their electric vehicle with full peace of mind.”

Eric van Voorden CEO of Last Mile Solutions: “After a period of in-dept development and close cooperation we achieved this historical mile stone, we are very proud that we can offer end to end digital secured PTB-certified Charging-transactions to our Customers, a necessary step to move forward in the E-mobility world”.


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