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Our Team - Last Mile Solutions

Meet our team

Last Mile Solutions is a team of savvy developers, patient listeners, hands-on miracle workers and energetic advocates. They aspire to create a sustainable future for you and your family in and around our smart cities.

Our Team -

Eric van Voorden

Founder & CEO

+ Eric van Voorden Founder & CEO Eric’s expertise ranges from international sales to trading and development. He has more than 20 years’ experience in automotive electronics, telecommunication, electric vehicle smart charging and smart city energy infrastructure. As well as CEO of Last Mile Solutions, Eric is also chairman of DOET, the Dutch Organisation for Electric Transport, and chairman of the security committee of the Dutch roaming network eViolin.
Our Team -

Johan Brouwer

Founder & CTO

+ Johan Brouwer Founder & CTO Johan specializes in the development, architecture and production of electronic devices and remote management. As CTO of Last Mile Solutions, he is responsible for developing SaaS for automotive, telecom and electric vehicle charging infrastructure.


Be yourself

We’re a team that adopts a candid, no-nonsense approach. We respect ourselves and the organization. We search for partnerships that create win-win situations because we want to grow and develop with our partners. The way we see it, work is a part of life, and your way is our way.

Go with your gut

We explore opportunities based on inspiration, and we act boldly using our knowledge and experience. Our intuitive decisions have a proven track record and are always sanity-checked.

Focus on the goal

We do things intelligently. We’re committed to finding the most efficient methods by communicating directly and purposefully with our customers throughout the entire process. We’re a dedicated team—always striving to be a lean and mean organization.

Dare to be different

We challenge the status quo. The future is uncertain, so we believe in setting our own course. Our honesty is straightforward, our mind is open, and our attitude is rebellious.

See the bigger picture

We’re part of the renewable energy transition and see smart cities as our leading partners. Our curiosity and focus on the future allow us to stay on top of developments.