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Charge Point Operator (CPO)

The EV revolution is accelerating. Do you have the right partner?

Grow your EV business quickly and successfully with our personalized, flexible and future-proof charging solutions, based on robust standards and protocols.

Connected charge points


Compatible and reliable charge point types

Compatible and reliable charge point types These charge point types are the most common and proven brands available in the market. They are fully tested, protocol compliant and certified via our partner program. We can connect other types upon request.

Managed active charge cards

1.1 million

The EV Market

The most proven white-label operating system for Charge Point Operators.

Our scalable, customizable and hardware-agnostic management platform lets us support all kinds of Charge Point Operators, from new market entrants to established networks. Running your business and managing your charging operation really couldn’t get any easier. Keep track of your performance in one place—anywhere, anytime—with the most complete, continuous and superior solution for e-mobility success. Your network. Our expertise.

Why choose Last Mile Solutions?

Freedom of choice

Long-term partnerships and win-win situations: that’s our aim. And that’s why we like to stay independent. Our hardware-agnostic solutions mean you can serve any customer you like. No strings attached. We’ve integrated the best-known charge point brands out there. We even provide certification for guaranteed successful onboarding.

  • 209,000 charge points in operation
  • 75 compatible, proven and reliable charge point types
  • Certified hardware partner program

Expert convenience

Our founders have 13+ years of experience in EV charging plus 20+ years of experience in remote management in key sectors like IT, Telecom, Energy & Mobility. Probably no other company in the market is more seasoned than us. Besides technology, we value our client and customer relationships. Therefore, we provide 24/7 support in multiple languages and one easily accessible management platform to run your business smoothly.

  • 24/7 European-wide first line support
  • Multi-lingual: >14 languages supported
  • Integrated ticketing system

Future solutions

We make sure you don’t have to worry about keeping up with the latest technology and trends. We co-developed the most widely used standards like OCPP and OCPI, and we were the first to integrate smart innovative charging solutions like dynamic load balancing, renewable energy integration and vehicle-to-grid (V2G). Our solution is cloud-based, which makes sure new features arrive automatically on your doorstep overnight.

  • Enabled the first worldwide publicly accessible AC V2G charge station
  • Implemented ISO15118 protocol by 2015
  • Multi-payment support (post-paid, pre-paid, wallet, credit card, and more)


Prevent unnecessary expense when it comes to on-site maintenance checks and repairs. Our remote in-depth analysis of charge point malfunctioning pinpoint any issues and our remote controls enable you to resolve them immediately.

  • Automated error notification service
  • Role dependent alert dashboard and message inbox
  • Reduced TCO with automated and remote maintenance

Stable and secure

With over 209,000 charge points connected and millions of transactions processed each year, our system is robust and growth ready. Because we practice what we preach, our platform uptime has been 99.8% guaranteed for over ten consecutive years and counting. Since privacy and security are key, we’ve made sure your data and cloud services are safely stored at a national level, and we comply fully with the latest regulations like PtB Eichrecht and ISO27001.

  • Proven stability: 99.8% platform uptime guarantee
  • In operation for ten consecutive  years and counting
  • 13 years’ EV charging experience and knowledge

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“The many years of successful collaboration with Last Mile Solutions is based on the flexibility and accessibility of the platform”

Maarten Schuring - CEO at EV Company

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Last Mile Solutions processes 35 million charging transactions
Last Mile Solutions processes 35 million charging transactions

After recently connecting the 100,000th charge point, Last Mile Solutions has now reached the milestone of 35 million charging transactions.

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