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Do you operate or service a fleet of lease cars, taxis, buses or light commercial vehicles? Start electrifying them today and future-proof your business.

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1,1 millon

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Scalable white label charging solutions for Fleet & Lease

It can be hard for fleet and leasing companies to keep up with changing customer demands. So, it’s good to know that our white label platform is risk-free and completely scalable. It also provides one of the largest roaming networks in Europe. All this means you can keep track of your performance in one place—anywhere, anytime—and grow your business with confidence. Last Mile Solutions provides the most complete, continuous and superior solution for e-mobility success. Your fleet, our expertise.

Why choose Last Mile Solutions?

Let your customers charge at 600,000 charge points across Europe with our full-suite solution. We take care of all the administration, roaming agreements and whitelisting of cards, so you can keep growing your network day by day.

  • 600,000 accessible charge points across Europe and counting
  • Multi-payment support (post-&prepaid, wallet, credit card, …)
  • 1.1 million managed active charge cards

They’re your customers, so let’s give them the best experience possible with a familiar brand. We provide a full-suite solution in your company’s branding and logo (app, cards, keyrings, portal, helpdesk, etc.). You can even have a contractual relationship with your customers and apply your own terms and conditions.

  • >75 customers served
  • 40+ white label apps developed
  • Full-suite turnkey solution in your company’s branding

Risk-free automated finance

We have over five years of experience in automatic reimbursement in multiple countries. In other words, we offer you autonomous quantifying, distribution, billing and collection of your transactions, while we take on the collection risk. On top of that, we support multi-currency, local VAT and split billing.

  • Local VAT support
  • Collection risk fully covered by Last Mile Solutions
  • >5 years of international experience in automatic reimbursement

Seamless integration

Processing huge numbers of transactions every month? No worries. Our robust system can handle it.  Our custom charging detail records (CDR) formats and numerous APIs enable you to integrate your new operations into your core business seamlessly. You can even own the contract and invoice relationship with your customers while we do all the work in the background.

  • Several APIs available (Billing, Fleet, App, APX, …)
  • Customized CDR supported
  • Customized Terms & Conditions supported

What we offer you

We offer the most complete and future-proof e-Mobility platform. It includes smart energy management, advanced billing, roaming, apps and portals. You can even customize the platform modules you need to manage your energy business and service your customers in the most efficient way possible.

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"You shouldn’t waste time reinventing the wheel, for that you have partners with expertise and the right solutions"

Bart Massin - Founder at Stroohm

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