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What is a Charging Station Management System (CSMS)?

The world of EV charging solutions is full of new terms and abbreviations. What do we mean by the term Charging Station Management System (CSMS)?

A CSMS is a platform where multiple charging stations can be managed. Through open protocols, the software behind the platform communicates with the charging stations, in order to view and manage the status and data.

Because of the many possibilities of such platforms and the fact that there are parties from various industries active on the market, sometimes the same product is given different names. Similar solutions are also advertised under these names:

  • CPO platform
  • EV Charging Management Solutions
  • Chargepoint Management System
  • Charging Station Management System

We generally refer to our solution as the “CPO platform” because that term is the best description for our solution.

Although the software does basically the same thing, namely managing charging stations, the features vary enormously between providers. Therefore, take a look at the possibilities of our platform or request a demo.

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