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The importance of accurate POI data in the e-mobility industry

The importance of accurate POI data in the e-mobility industry - Last Mile Solutions

Key reasons

POI (Point of Interest) data has become critically important for electric vehicles (EVs) drivers as it can provide critical information on nearby charging stations or other amenities that are important for their driving experience.

For charging point operators (CPOs), POI (Point of Interest) data is essential for promoting and managing their charging infrastructure effectively. Here are some key reasons why POI data is important for CPOs:

  1. Visibility: POI data makes it easier for electric vehicle (EV) drivers to find and navigate to CPO’s networks. It helps to increase visibility, attracting more customers and increasing traffic to the charging station.
  2. Real-time updates: CPOs can use POI data to update the status of their charging stations in real-time, which helps prevent situations where drivers arrive at a station only to find it out of service or occupied by another vehicle. Accurate and up-to-date POI data can improve the overall reliability and usability of the charging infrastructure.
  3. Network expansion: POI data can help CPOs identify new locations for charging stations, based on factors such as traffic patterns, existing charging infrastructure, and customer demand. By using POI data, CPOs can make more informed decisions about where to expand their charging network and how to allocate resources more effectively.

As result, it is pivotal that you fill out the EVSE POI data information correctly in EVC-net. In case this information is not filled out correctly, these EVSE POI data will not be accepted by technical hubs and also not synched and broadcasted to third party eMSPs. That means that your EVSE POI data won’t be publicly accessible to EV drivers.


Why POI data may not be publicly accessible

Reason 1
The EVSE address does not match with the geo-location.

How to avoid
We recommend that you enter the coordinates (longitude and latitude) in EVC-net and let it search for the corresponding address for the EVSEs.

Reason 2
EVSE POI information might not be filled out correctly. When filling out the EVSE POI information, please be aware of the following:

  1. EVSE connector standards
  2. EVSE connector standard description
  3. EVSE connector type format
  4. EVSE connector voltage
  5. Power type

How to avoid
We recommend reviewing all the items and ensure that the connector corresponds to the correct format and voltage.

After ensuring that all the POI data information is filled out accordingly, your locations will be approved, synchronized, and consequently pushed to third party eMSPs that Last Mile Solutions has a roaming contract with.

Please note that from the moment you published your EVSEs in the EVC-net, it may take up to 21 days (about 3 weeks) to have your EVSEs available to third party eMSP as each of these eMSPs will have a different process to ingest and validate the POIs. There is no guarantee yet that a station that is published today will be available on all eMSP apps tomorrow or in a couple of days.

Unfortunately, Last Mile Solutions does not have influence on these processes at the eMSP and we cannot give a definite guarantee that a station will be published. There might be various reasons why an eMSP decides to not publish the station on their app or map, but by making sure that all data is filled out correctly, the chance of a swift and successful publication has become a lot higher.