White label charging card

White label charging card

Last Mile Solutions provides e-Mobility Service Providers, or companies interested in offering those services, with the opportunity of a customised white label charging card. These cards are developed based on house style, logo and general design, in whatever number of copies required.

This card is available in various shapes and sized, such as in credit card format or a keychain tag. In addition, the card can also be accessed virtually through the app. In short: a card in various forms, catering to various needs.

Last Mile Solutions - White label charging card


The white label charging card can be used as a credit card for vehicle charging. Overall costs are tallied by us at the end of the month, and collected via direct debit. We oversee and process the complete transactions process – amount of kWh, locations and relevant rates – on your behalf, taking into account regionally applicable (value added) tax regulations. Our clients’ only concern is marketing the card to the end users. Last Mile Solutions handles the entire finalisation process, including invoicing as service and collection risks.

Different payment options

The most popular payment method is the subscription-related ‘post-paid’ credit card model. However, we also offer the option of linking the card to a credit balance (wallet).

In addition, cards can be designed to function as anonymous pre-paid cards, which can be charged via the app. Because we want to offer our clients maximum flexibility.

If you would rather manage your company’s cards yourself, but want to ensure seamless processing for all transactions, then our billing platform offers the solutions you need.

All information about charging cards and relevant services can be managed through our white label management platform, which also enables users to assign roles and rights to all employees.

Greatest coverage in Europe

With over 350,000 charge points, Last Mile Solutions offers the greatest coverage in Europe – coverage that is still growing daily.

The Last Mile Solutions network in figures:

  • 577,000 active charging cards in circulation;
  • Coverage at over 350,000 charge points across Europe;
  • A total of 35 million processed transactions with a million new ones every month.

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