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What is an e-Mobility Service Provider (e-MSP)?

The EV landscape consists of many parties and due to different types of growth developments in this market, these parties are increasingly working together and overlapping. What exactly do we mean by an e-Mobility Service Provider?

The e-Mobility Service Provider, also known as an e-MSP (or EMSP, MSP or ‘provider’ for short), is the company with which the EV driver contracts for all services related to electric charging. The e-MSP has various responsibilities; from providing charging passes, apps to locate and navigate charging stations, managing and expanding the roaming network, billing and invoicing, customer management and up to pricing charging sessions towards the EV driver.

The e-MSP role is often a dual role in the market. For example, if an electric car is purchased from the car dealer or supplied by a leasing or fleet company, it is a logical extension for those parties to also supply a charging card to provide a complete service to the end user. Also, energy companies that already supply the energy to homes or businesses of potential EV drivers can help their customers by offering an e-MSP service. Finally, the Charge Point Operator (CPO) can also benefit significantly by also becoming an e-MSP and thus becoming a one-stop shop for their customers. To conclude; there are many business opportunities to become an e-MSP and that is one of the reasons why many parties in the ecosystem are also taking on this role.

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