FAQs about Invoices

FAQs about Invoices

Here you will find the frequently asked questions about invoices. If your invoice-related question is not listed here, please send an email with your question to invoice@lastmilesolutions.com. Our response time is typically within 3 business days (Mon-Fri 9:00 – 17:00).

For all other questions, please contact your Charge Point Operator (CPO) or e-Mobility Service Provider (eMSP).​



Who is my provider?

You can identify your provider by the logo on your charge card/charge station or at the top of your invoice.


Where can I find a copy of my invoices?

All invoices are sent monthly by e-mail to the e-mail address that is added to your account. In case you didn’t receive your invoice please check your SPAM box. In case it’s not there you can find your invoices by logging in to your account. You can find your invoices and their details in the section “Invoices / Reimbursements”.

If you are experiencing difficulties with logging in or have not received your login credentials, we kindly request that you contact your provider directly.

The tariff shown on my invoice is not correct, how can I have the tariff adjusted? 

Prices and tariffs shown on the invoices are based on agreements between you and your provider. We are not authorized to make any adjustments to specific prices and tariffs set by your provider as Last Mile Solutions (a tradename of Threeforce B.V.) only operates as billing and collection party for your provider.

Please contact your provider for this request.

How can I receive a refund for the double payment I made on my invoice? 

To assist you in this matter, please send an email to invoice@lastmilesolutions.com including the following details:

  • Your name and contact information
  • The invoice number and date of payment
  • Proof of payment (either a screenshot or a pdf)
  • The payment method used (e.g. credit card, bank transfer)
  • The amount paid twice

Once we have received this information, we will initiate the refund process for the double payment.

Why haven’t I received my money yet? 

Please make sure that your personal information is complete in your account, including your bank account details. Without this information the pay-out cannot be processed. You can find your personal information under the ‘Profile’ section in the left pane of your Account.

How long does it take before pay-out of self-billing invoices takes place? 

In most cases, if the account number is known, we automatically payout the self-billing invoices between 5 and 7 weeks after the invoice date. It is therefore possible that your invoice is already shown in your account, but the payment has not yet been received. If the account number is unknown, you can enter it in your account. Payment will then take place automatically at the next payment round.

If 7 weeks have passed since the invoice date and your account number has been entered, please feel free to contact us. In such a scenario, we will investigate the matter further and provide you with feedback.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Unfortunately we are not authorized to make any adjustments on subscriptions set by your provider. For all inquiries related to your subscription, please contact your provider for this request.

What does a reserved amount on my debit/credit card mean?  

For direct payment options during a charging session, a temporary amount of approximately Euro 48 is reserved on your debit or credit card. A reservation does not mean that the money is being charged.

This reservation is made as the exact costs of your charging session are not determined until it is completed and the consumed kWh details are available. Once the charging session is completed, the actual costs will be charged, not the reserved amount.

The reserved amount has been charged (multiple times), when can I expect my money back?

It is common that the automated refund can take several days, usually within 3 to 5 business days. Contact us at invoice@lastmilesolutions.com if the refund takes longer than 5 days, and provide us with the following details:

  • bank account number
  • reserved amount
  • date of transaction
  • payment screenshot

Home reimbursement

How long does it take before my reimbursement pay-out takes place?
  • The pay-out of reimbursements for employees is 4 weeks after the invoice date.
  • The pay-out of invoices for private users and companies is 6 weeks after the invoice date.

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