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Ecotap - Last Mile Solutions

Company profile

Ecotap’s business model is focused around the hardware development of charging stations. As a full-service provider, they also offer charging cards and provide installation and maintenance of charging infrastructure. They have been doing this since they developed a charging station for electric bikes in 2011. After this, they continued to develop charging stations for electric cars. They’re now building more than 200 charging stations per week that are equipped with the latest high-tech innovations within the e-Mobility branch.

“Within Ecotap's mission to build the best charging infrastructure in the world in the most sustainable and social way possible, it is important to work with the right partners. Ecotap has been working with Last Mile Solutions for years to achieve this goal. ”

Kees van Bergen- CEO Ecotap


The combination Ecotap and Last Mile Solutions has proven to be successful for many years.  Ecotap’s longest running charging station has been running on the platform of Last Mile Solutions since 2 November 2013. Meanwhile through the years there have been several collaborative highly innovative projects:

the BIOS group. This collaboration made it possible to charge 64 electric vehicles (all Tesla model S) at the same time. This project that was realized in 2015 was unique because for the first-time load-balancing is used on a large scale. A dynamic way of load-balancing has been set up for the BIOS group that makes use of the optimal power that the grid can deliver. Priority can be given to specific vehicles and, if necessary, vehicles can charge at full power in turns.

“We are very proud to work together with the municipality of the Hague, Last Mile Solutions, and Engie in our combined mission to create the world’s finest charging infrastructure in the most sustainable and social way possible.”

Kees van Bergen - CEO ecotap

Tender consortium for the Municipality of The Hague, Ecotap has been installing its charging stations for 5 years. This tender is since 2019 appointed for a duration of 5 years to the consortium of Ecotap, Last Mile Solutions and Engie (previously owned by consortium Last Mile Solutions, Ecotap and Alfen). More information about this tender can be found in the case study of the Municipality of The Hague (The hague municipality)

Baumusterprüfbescheinigung, Additionally, in cooperation with Last Mile Solutions, Ecotap has managed to be the first  company to receive the “Baumusterprüfbescheinigung” for all public charging stations. With this certificate, Ecotap is the first manufacturer of charging stations for electric vehicles in the world to be awarded the right of eichrecht, ensuring their customers a fair, transparent and traceable charging transaction. Ecotap developed the hardware and Last Mile Solutions developed the software that made the charging station ‘eichrecht’ conform.


With the goal of reducing CO2 emissions and speed up the adoption of e-Mobility, Ecotap is performing well: In 2019 Ecotap has ensured more than 90 million kilometers were driven on electricity, resulting in 20.160 tons of saved CO2.

(Calculation: delivered kWh x 5km (average consumption electric car) x emissions petrol car (0.221kg Co2 per km)/ 1000 = number of tons of Co2 emitted)

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