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e-Mobility ecosystem

e-Mobility ecosystem - Last Mile Solutions

The e-Mobility market consists of many actors and because of several types of growth developments these actors interact and overlap more and more, making it harder to fully understand the whole ecosystem. To help you get a clear and better understanding of the e-Mobility market, we will share with you our knowledge and view by a series (seven in total) of blogs where we will highlight six actors, briefly introduced below:

1 Charge Point Operator (CPO)

Responsible for the management, maintenance and operation of a charge point. In practice this role can be divided into two different roles that either can be combined or can be fulfilled stand-alone: Commercially, the CPO oversees the commercial management including e.g. roaming and billing. Technically the CPO is responsible for the technical management of the charge point including e.g. maintenance and repair.

2 e-Mobility Service Provider (e-MSP)

The e-MSP provides access to a large roaming network covering national or international public charge points and offers alongside with it a charge card and/or a charge app to customers so they can practically make use of it.

3 Energy Utility

The energy utility is responsible for the  energy supply of the power for the charge points and has strong connections to the distribution system operator (DSO) and transmission system operator (TSO) in order to contribute to the energy balance in the correct way.

4 Car Manufacturers & Automotive

Automotive actors are the companies that manufacture, distribute and sell the cars to market, e.g. car manufacturers and dealers. Electrified, autonomous and connected vehicles are disrupting the marketplace at a blistering pace, giving this actor the opportunity to jump in the EV market.

5 Municipality & Stadtwerke

Municipalities receive authority from provincial government and take care the community they are responsible and accountable for. Municipalities differ in size from small sized, low populated till large regions and/or highly populated metropolises. Public facilities they manage parking, community water systems, roadways and charging infrastructure as well. Stadtwerke are the utility companies within the municipality and most of the times take care for facilities likes energy, water and transportation. They are common in e.g. Germany, Austria and France.

6 Fleet & Lease Companies

These are the companies that often find themselves between the car manufacturers and the end-user and offer the cars based on various business models. They sell and supply the cars to businesses and consumers and often maintain them as well.

The second blog out of the series of seven will focus on the Charge Point Operator (CPO) in more depth and will cover the following aspects:


  • The role, definition and responsibilities of the CPO
  • The relationship with the other roles in the ecosystem
  • Developments in the market
  • Pains and gains
  • Needed solutions



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